Projection Mapping Class results

Last week I took a course on projection mapping at the Center for Design and Innovation. It was 6 days, 3 hours per day, and I learned a LOT. On the last day of class work, we spent a few hours applying everything that we learned into quick videos which were projection-mapped onto a 3D surface (3 blocks painted white).

The first few classes were about using the video editing software and learning the basics for that (there are some rather silly videos that resulted from this which I may upload soon).

Then we started learning about how to synchronize actions in a video with sound, and using sound sequencing software to create a soundtrack for the videos.

Finally we combined what we had learned and created videos with effects meant to synchronize to a song (Oh Superman in this case).

The video in this blog post isn’t very good because it’s recorded on my crappy phone, and the sound doesn’t seem to match the video because of that… It’s much more impressive in person! No really! I promise!

It was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot of really neat video editing tricks. I hope to do more projects like this in the future!


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