Wasabi Peas & Soy Nut Encrusted Rack of Lamb

Whenever I go shopping, I always look for products I haven’t tried before. Sometimes I discover really yummy things, and other times I discover things that stump me. Soy nuts are a food that didn’t make much sense to me.

They are fairly bland, crispy to the point of being sharp, and very dry. I tried munching on them as a snack, but it just wasn’t worth cutting up the roof of my mouth. So, what could I do with them now?
wasabi peas and soy nuts

Mix them with Wasabi peas and encrust meat, of course : )

I poured a few handfuls into a food processor, added a bit of fresh ginger and about 5 or 6 garlic cloves. Then I added half a handful of wasabi peas and some dried thyme and black pepper, pulverizing it all into the consistency of bread crumbs.

wasabi peas and soy nut "bread crumbs"

I planned on making some rack of lamb, and proceeded to clean the bones. Also I turned on my oven to 450 degrees F so it would have plenty of time to warm up.

Cleaned rack of lamb

I decided to go ahead and get my cast iron skillet searing hot…

warming cast iron skillet

And then liberally seasoned the lamb with freshly ground black pepper and sea salt.

Seasoning rack of lambPatting sea salt into lamb

Once the pan was hot, I buttered it up and threw in some smashed garlic cloves.

hot skillet with butter and garlic

Then, it was time to drop in the lamb to create some yummy sear marks.

Searing rack of lamb

I dropped the lamb in at 8:55 and rotated it a few minutes later to sear the other large side.

Searing other side of lamb

A few more minutes, and it was time to put on the crust.

Done searing

I dropped the lamb into my “bread crumbs”…

Encrusting rack of lamb

And then used my hands to really pack it on thick.

Fully coated rack of lamb

Finally it was time to throw the lamb back in the pan and shove it into the hot oven.

Into the oven

After about 17 minutes, the lamb was at 165 degrees. This is perfect for me as I prefer meat on the rarer side.

Removing lamb

The next step is to let the lamb rest on a cooling rack.

Rack of lamb resting

I covered it loosely with aluminum foil, and let it sit for about 5 minutes.

Foil covered rack of lamb

Then after it’s finished resting, it was time to slice it up into delicious meat pops, and arrange next to some sides.

Finished dish

It ended up working really well. The wasabi flavor was very mild, but noticeable. The soy nuts added a great crunchy texture, though the soy flavor was almost imperceptible. The best part about the soy nuts is that they don’t get soggy like normal herb bread crumbs.


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