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Rooting the Cruz T301 Tablet

The other day, was selling the Cruz T301 tablet–a 7″ Android 2.2 device–for $60. The stock OS was a customized version of Android that had a lot of applications missing… For one, instead of the Android Market, it had the “Cruz Market”. I figured I’d buy two and try to root them to get a real Android device–in case I bricked one I could still use the second one as an e-Book reader (the stock OS includes the Amazon Kindle App).

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Replacing the WiFi Card on Acer Aspire 8943G – 6782

When my old laptop—an HP Tablet—had a problem with it’s LCD backlight, I had to make a choice: do I spend $400 to repair an almost 2 year old laptop? Or do I just go ahead and upgrade it?

After doing some research, I decided I might as well upgrade my laptop to a high-performance and proper development machine. Continue reading