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AccessViolationException, EntryPointNotFoundException, and Change Tracking Error on SyncAgent.Synchronize()

Recently I was working on a data-driven application which needed to continue operating in sometimes-disconnected environments. In theory, this is a fairly simple problem to solve with .NET Sync Framework using a “Local Data Cache” implementation of SQL Server CE file and SQL Server database–a solution that I have implemented several times in the past.

Never have I had to jump through so many crazy hoops.
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Hate Unity, Upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10…now to fix the UI

As many folks, I do not like the Unity interface in the latest versions of Ubuntu. In Ubuntu 11.04, I had used the “Classic” mode when logging in, but after upgrading to 11.10 I’ve had to take additional steps to avoid the Unity UI.
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BadRequestError on django non-rel with Google App Engine

I’ve been playing around with Django lately, and have stumbled upon the glory of Django-nonrel (and it’s ability to use Google App Engine).

It’s all been heaven, except for when I tried deploying a test application. I got this weird BadRequestError and it seems that my application name had a “s~” prefixed to it.

After hours on Google, I think I found the root of the problem, but then updated the code someone else posted a bit to make it easier to use (they had it so that one would specify 2 environment variables, I’ve updated it to be just one).
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IO Permissions Exception during XML Serialization

Today I fired up an application that I hadn’t touched in quite some time–I ran it, and got a very unusual exception error message while attempting to serialize an object from some XML:

Unable to generate a temporary class (result=1).

At first I suspected it was some silly Windows 7 user permissions problem, but I was running everything as Administrator! What could it be?
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ExpressionDark WPF Theme, ListView Problem

I have been working on an application that uses a WPF/XAML View and binds a set of objects to a property on the ViewModel.

I defined a GroupStyle and ItemTemplate on my ListView control, and yet whenever I update the collection with objects, they appear in my ListView as empty rows without any content.

After spending hours checking and rechecking my XAML for errors, I finally figured out the problem.
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Replacing the WiFi Card on Acer Aspire 8943G – 6782

When my old laptop—an HP Tablet—had a problem with it’s LCD backlight, I had to make a choice: do I spend $400 to repair an almost 2 year old laptop? Or do I just go ahead and upgrade it?

After doing some research, I decided I might as well upgrade my laptop to a high-performance and proper development machine. Continue reading